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Recent exhibits: Upstate Artists Guild, Albany, NY; Benjamin Peters “Mezzanine” Gallery, Ithaca, NY; CSMA Gallery, Ithaca; State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca; Rhiner Festival, Ithaca; Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY; Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY; Cresskill Public Library, Cresskill, NJ; Art Center of Northern New Jersey, New Milford.
Online exhibit: St. Mary the Virgin Church, New York City

Beauty has historically been the underlying value and objective of most art. Yet it's an uncomfortable fact that just about every “beautiful” photographic subject has, at this late date, been captured by the camera so many times as to become hackneyed. The underlying tension in my work is between the urge toward beauty on the one hand and the avoidance of the visual cliché on the other. Often I have been inspired by the accomplishments of outside-the-mainstream photographers such as Ralph Eugene Meatyard and Miroslav Tichy, and by photographers for whom the aesthetic urge is distinctly secondary to originality, such as Lee Friedlander and other street photographers. I am most often trying to share with the viewer something I’ve unexpectedly seen through the camera, often something very ordinary but, for me, engaging and evocative. Hopefully as a result of my work the viewer will see that ordinary subject with fresh eyes, and experience a new insight or unusual state of mind and emotion.

My favorite quote from Tichy: “A mistake – that’s what makes poetry.” It’s important for me to free my photography from the standards and conventions that commercial photographers must understandably meet in order to make a living.

I live part-time in Ithaca, NY, and part-time in northern New Jersey, where I am semi-retired from a 25-person marketing company that I founded in 1982. I have also worked in publishing and taught college English, and have a Ph.D. in English literature. When in New Jersey, I volunteer at a local public library as an English as a Second Language tutor.